Everything you need to know about Radar 2018

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Radar has arrived for Summer 2018! Check out what's new this season.

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Purchasing a Life Vest

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Which Water Ski Vest is the Best?
Little compares to the joy of hitting the water on a beautiful day, and fear of injury should never get in the way of that. According to Australian Standards, anyone out on the water has to wear an Australian Approved Life Vest, and with good cause, people are saved from injury every day because they were wearing a water ski vest. Finding the right life vest is important, as having the wrong vest can negatively effect your ride, and your safety.Pay Attention to the Factors that Matter Most
While sorting through the myriad of options available when it comes to water ski vests for men, women, and children, there is a lot to look at. For instance, the materials and features can come specific to the type of riding that you do and the nature of your skill. The type of vest is simply dependent upon its own size and requirements, which directly affect you. Firstly you need to take into account which PFD vest you’ll be needing. For use in partially smooth waters (out in the bay or up to 50m off shore in the ocean) a PDF type 2 or Level 50 vest will be required. This vest is approved for skiers or people being towed, PWC riders and can be worn in smooth waters as well. You will find that Level 50 jackets are also color specific in case of emergency. For use in smooth waters (inland rivers, lakes and dams) a PDF type 3 or Level 50s vest will be required. This may be a specified buoyancy suit as well. A level 50s jacket can be used by skiers or people being towed, PWC riders and users that are likely to be in the water for a short amount of time.
The fit is of the utmost importance, but consider it a blessing and curse that there are hundreds of different options. Vests come in all sorts of shapes suitable for men, women and children from slim fit, to a square fit, longer and shorter lengths and many other features.
While there are tons of different options out there, it makes it harder to figure out which vest is best for you. For example, while nylon vests are more reasonable in cost, they’re generally less precise. With that said, neoprene vests are more specialised and offer superior comfort, but they fit less body types. Basically, when choosing a vest it’s easiest to consult an expert seller with a wide variety that can help you choose a water ski vest suited to your needs.
Another quick tip, while looking for the right vest, pay attention to graphics. No, seriously. The graphics on your vest express the spirit of the rider, and after all, this should be fun.
Buying a water ski vest should be a hassle-free process, and we get that. Waterskier’s world is a family owned and run business that prides itself on being knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about water sports. With experience in and out of the water, Waterskier’s World strives to provide you with the best possible service. Contact us today, and let’s get you on the water.

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Byerly Wakeboards Turns 10 in 2016

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2016 is the year Byerly Wakeboards turns 10! The Godfather of wakeboard, Scott Byerly was at the forefront of wakeboarding back in the late 80’s when it all started and by 2006, he decided he had what it took to create more than one signature pro model board, and turned his style and knowledge into a brand. Byerly Wakeboards Co-Founder and Head Shaper, Scott “Butch” Bouchard has been designing, shaping and making Byerly’s boards since 1992 and still continues to produce the highest qualities boards within the Byerly brand. In 2016, Byerly Wakeboards continue to enhance their products with board shaping, their approach to constructing boards from the inside out, their athlete team achievements and industry firsts, and with a decade of experience behind them now things are only going to get bigger.
Byerly has an extensive range of wakeboards, wake skates and wake surfers, and the 2016 Byerly Wakeboard range has been dedicated to show their appreciation of their passion for wake riding. The Byerly BP is Brenton Preistly’s pro model, and assists the rider is achieving the ultimate pop. The carbon Stringers in this board make it bombproof by creating strength, resistance and stiffness – giving you the most explosive and smooth ride in the Byerly line.
The Byerly Buck Flex is the soft park layup of the Buck – making it extremely soft and perfect for cutting around the cable park. The thin tip and tail give it a park feel, however, its super clean deck platform has no engravings or cut outs, giving it an ultraclean look and maintain traditional board specs. Complimented with full perimeter glass sidewalls and Strategic Park Flex Pattern, this is the perfect cable board.
2016 brings the new Action skim surfer. The 2016 Byerly Action Wakesurfer is a skim style wakesurfer, with a flat base and minimal rocker. It’s fast, its thin, can air, and spin on a dime. It’s lightweight feel and super loose skim style will provide you with a ride that will teach you new things every time you surf. The Action is shaped by Scott “Butch” Bouchard, has a Dura-Shell construction, Carbon Composite Construction and EPS core – everything you need for the ultimate surf.
Waterskiers World stocks a range of the latest Byerly gear come in store and have a look for yourself or check it out online

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Riding Radar Skis, What You Should Know

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When it comes to slalom skis, and waterskiing in general, the name Herb O’Brien is legendary. Radar skis were born out of a desire to build skis with the greatest quality, and that’s been executed time and time again in their skis. Continuous research and development has gone into manufacturing these skis and it shows in every single ride. Choosing Radar skis is no simple task, as they’re a big investment even for the most avid of skiers. Consulting a ski seller who can guide you on the best board for your needs is paramount in gaining access into the Radar world of skiing

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