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    Age: 49
    Stance: Left Foot Forward
    Location: Moura, QLD
    Years Skiing: 28
    Rides: Radar Vapor Probuild with Reflex Super Shell & Radar ARTP

    • Profile

      1st O35 Women's Slalom - National Titles 2014
      1st O35 Women's Jump - National Titles 2014
      1st O45 Women's Slalom - National Titles 2015
      1st O45 Women's Jump - National Titles 2016
      Ranked 1st in O35 Women's Slalom & 15th OPEN Women's Slalom (Australia)
      Ranked 15th in O45 Womens Slalom (World)
      3 Years Central QLD Skier of the Year
      Div 6 to Div 1 Slalom in 8 years
      Getting my OPEN Women's Slalom Rating to ski against girls over 30 years my junior!

      When youre not skiing, what are you doing?
      I have created a few events solely for women to help increase the female profile of our sport and to give women encouragement, motivation, belief, vision, focus and strength so they can give competitive skiing a go and not sit on the sidelines wishing!

      Favourite place to ski?
      Favorite place to ski is Darwin in NT and Swiss Ski school in Florida because conditions are always perfect.

      What boat do you ride behind?
      I train behind a Malibu TXI.

      How many events do you compete in?
      I compete monthly in Summer and attend as many L-Class events (record and ranking capable) as I can.

      Proudest moments?
      2x Australian O45 Women Slalom Records
      Australian O45 Women Overall Record (Slalom, Trick & Jump)
      Selection in O35 Australian Team 2012/2014/2016
      Over 10 QLD records in Slalom, Trick & Jump
      Winning CQ Skier Of The Year 3 years in a row
      I have created a few women only events to help increase the female profile of our sport and to give them as much encouragement, motivation and belief to give skiing a go. To get them competing and off the sidelines wishing!

      Who's your favourite skier?
      He'll kill me for this, Craig Jeude. He doesn't know this but he has influenced me so much. He taught me to always enjoy my skiing, stay calm in competitions, believe in myself, have a go, have a laugh and the results will come.

      Describe a perfect day. 
      A perfect day is no alarm, coffee in bed, 30 degrees, a couple of training sets on the Dawson river with my partner Shorty, a long walk with my dog Tucker and salmon cooked on the BBQ.

      Shout outs
      My other half Shorty...together we eat, sleep and ski!

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