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Animal Boot - XL

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The HO Animal Water Ski Binding is back! HO is the company that invented high wrap water ski bindings. They do such a good job on bindings that you have seen HO bindings in other ski companies catalogs. HO bindings are used by many athletes sponsored by other water ski companies. The reason for this is that the binding is the bridge between the skier and the ski. The best ski in the world will not work too well with a poor binding. Thankfully many of the other brands have changed their insert pattern so that HO bindings mount easily to most manufacturers skis. The Animal binding has evolved over the past several seasons to be the binding of choice for many top pros including Wade Cox. The Animal can provide the performance you want along with the comfort you need. The high density EVA heel and toe overlays are super supportive. Superfeet(TM) insoles stabilize the heel and provide arch support for the foot. The rear lace system permits ease of entry and a customizable fit. Due to the arch supports, Animal bindings are foot left or right foot specific.

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