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Fluid Flight Carbon Water Ski Blank (2018)

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Fluid Flight Carbon Slalom Ski Blank (2018)

Since before the beginning of wakeboarding and now with the size of our wakes becoming larger, skiers want to show their freestyle talent and take flight. The Flight Carbon skis are designed wide for extreme pop off the wake but are short for maximum manoeuvrability and less swing weight.
If you like to jump the wake on your slalom ski the Flight Carbon will take you to a whole new level.

They're designed just for fun. You will discover a whole new sport. These are the skis to ride over a big wake for a huge pop.

The Flight CARBON has a full carbon graphite wrap with a CNC machined Polyurathane core, together produces lightening fast performance. Weighing a liitle less and being stiffer than the standard core Flight, this ski gives you a faster ride with way more pop.

  • 100% carbon Laminates

  • Machined P.U. core

  • Extra wide profile

  • Hex based inserts

  • Dry Cell fin block

  • Contoured deck

  • Fluid signature shaped ski tip

Fluid Flight Carbon Waterski Size Chart

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