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Fluid Zion Slalom Ski Blank (2018) - Orange/Purple

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Fluid Zion Slalom Ski Blank (2018)

The Fluid Zion shape has been designed based off a competition cause ski with a slightly wider width, the added surface area making increasing and maintaining speed easier. Basically the Zion is our most versatile ski, it has great slalom cause ability while still being smooth for those who love to free-ride. This ski will match any skill level.

ZION is produced from the same mould as the Zion Carbon with 100% fibreglass lay-up and Polly Urethane core. This gives you all the great characteristics of performance with more ease of use. Zion is designed to create the perfect balance and speed, with our ever so slightly wider shape and our Fluid stability rails (FSR) on the skis edge makes it super smooth and flawless in open water. The added surface area frees the ski for easier acceleration and less rope tension at the finish of the turn.

Perfect for the social skier who wants smooth performance.

Sizes 65”- 165cm, 67”- 170cm, 69”- 175cm

  • 100% Fibreglass lay up

  • P.U. core

  • Hex based inserts

  • Dry Cell fin block

  • Contoured deck

  • Fluid signature shaped ski tip

Fluid Zion Slalom Ski Size Chart

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