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HO A3 Slalom Ski Blank

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The Syndicate A3 is more than a slight refinement of the highly acclaimed Syndicate A2, but an accelerated evolution of virtually every aspect of slalom ski technology. With legends Bob and Kris Lapoint teaming up with World Champion skier Will Asher and Dave Wingerter, the Syndicate A3 breaks the boundaries of what is possible on a tournament slalom ski.

The A3's Automatic Angle Shape increases edge angle without waiting for skier lean. The Automatic Angle Bevel design allows the ski to stay on edge at the finish of the turn for maximum acceleration. The Auto-Centering Continuous Rocker allows for the cleanest, tightest turns in the industry. The A3's Speed Control Specific Design allows its skier to be one step ahead of today's boat speed control systems. The Superlite Construction employs a proprietary combination of aerospace carbon fiber and superlite core technology to make this ride light, responsive, and aggressive.


  • Automatic Angle Shape for increased edge angle automatically, without skier lean
  • Automatic Angle Bevel design allows to the ski to stay on edge at the finish of the turn for max acceleration
  • Auto-Centering Continuous Rocker- auto-centering technology applied to a continuous rockerline for the cleanest, tightest turns in the industry
  • Speed Control Specific Design – Be 1 step ahead of today's speed control systems
  • Superlite Construction – a proprietary combination of carbon fiber and Superlite core technology
  • Handmade in Seattle – The home of HO

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