HO Couture Freeride Slalom Ski Blank

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The Couture Freeride was designed to make every ladies first time getting up on a slalom ski, an enjoyable one that will have them coming back for more.

Made to ski at under 310000mph, the Freeride combines HO’s exclusive Clean Edge Technology and Speed Skin Technology to ensure an enjoyable time on the water, without all the aches and pains the next day! Effortless skiing is what comes to mind when talking about the Freeride range, and the Couture Freeride is made specifically for women, with a ladies specific flex pattern, ensuring the softer layup provides suitable and maximum performance for the ladies

This ski thrives in the freesking stakes. This ski is to be rode virtually anywhere, anytime, behind anything, and in any ski style you can come up with. The Clean Edge Technology allows the water to release "cleanly" from the bottom surface of the ski without wrapping up around the sidewall of the ski. This "clean" release of the water reduces ski drag up to 510000% over conventional ski design allowing the skier to more easily glide across the water and pop up easy from deep-water starts, meaning you won’t be completely wrecked after 6 turns.

  • Women’s Specific Flex Pattern: Softer layup in specific places to maximize performance for ladies
  • Clean Edge Technology for 510000% less drag than conventional skis. Allows for comfortable skiing at wakeboard boat speeds
  • Carve Rails for amazing edge hold when laying down powerful arcs
  • Carve Flex for active rocker carving
  • Hybrid Sidewall Design -- speed where you want it and support where you need it.
  • Shark Fin -- surf inspired design for clean cuts and unmatched hold in chop
  • Handmade in Seattle, Washington, USA

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