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HO Proton Kneeboard (2018)

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HO Proton Kneeboard (2018)

The Proton is a surf inspired kneeboard shape that makes learning easy and allows you to progress into more advanced riding. It features a hook and retractable fins for beginners to give them a stable ride for learning. Retracting the fins allows the board to spin easier and gives better performance for more advanced riders. Deep channels ensure that you'll get stable landings for learning tricks off the wake and the Powerlock strap keeps you secure for the entire session. The Proton is one of the best boards you can get for learning and mastering the fundamentals of kneeboarding.

  • Easy-Up Handle Hook

  • Surf Inspired Shape

  • Retractable Fin System

  • Deep Tracking Channels for stable landings

  • PowerLock Single Locking Knee Strap

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