HO S2 Slalom Ski Blank

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Will Asher, Jon Travers and Marcus Brown ski 36mph. The LaPoint's, Greg Badal and Karina Nowlan ski 34mph. But they all like winning tournaments. Designed for the fast, low drag ride that Big Dawgs covet, the S2 has a quicker turn shape than the A2 while still maintaining the stability Syndicate skis are known for. Speed is created by a combination of Step Concave technology and all new Low Taper Shape. Step Concave technology introduces micro steps running down the concave surface on the bottom of the ski. These micro steps free the water molecules that adhere to the wetted surfaces of a traditional ski and give the S2 the low drag, fast ride skiers dream of. The second ingredient is the all new Low Taper shape. Traditional water skis have a large amount of taper from the wide point of the ski towards a narrow tail. The S2 has a Low Taper shape that narrows at a much slower rate thereby increasing the amount of surface area in the back half of the ski. As a result when a skier makes an aggressive turn and a traditional ski stops, loses it forward momentum, and gets stuck ‘in a hole” before accelerating the S2 has the surface area to support aggressive turn and keep driving the ski forward for instant acceleration. Less stop and go skiing, and a more efficient line is achieved on the all new S2.


  • Speed Step Technology for reduced ski drag and increased ski speed
  • Low Taper Shape for the most efficient support through the finish of the turn
  • 5-Stage Rocker for maximum speed, angle and stability
  • Superlite Construction – a proprietary combination of carbon fibre and Superlite core technology
  • Handmade in Seattle – The home of HO

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