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HO Saturn 2


HO Sports has always been on the cutting edge of tube technology. From the early days of nylon covers, to the Quick Connect Tow Attachment....

HO Saturn 2 Ski Tube

HO Tube Technology

HO Sports has always been on the cutting edge of tube technology. From the early days of nylon covers, to the Quick Connect Tow Attachment, to HO's patented Sphere technology- we're always pushing the limits of tube features & materials in an effort to deliver to you, the rider, the best tubing experience possible. In 2015, HO introduced Softshell Technology...probably the biggest game changer since people stopped wrapping a webbing strap around a truck tire tube. If you haven't seen it yet, you've come to the right place.

Softshell Technology

HO Sports has done it again, delivering an ultra-comfy tubing experience by encasing the top of our towables with a plush, cozy cover we call - Softshell Technology! Gone are the days of “tube rash” and rides with scratched up knees and elbows. Softshell Technology ensures you and your family can tube for hours on end atop our Mavericks, Glide, and Sunset series as well as our popular Fury and Frenzy tubes. This super soft material covers the entire top of our deck style tubes and the seating and arm rest areas of our Formula & G series towables. HO Sports guarantees these Softshell Tubes are so luxuriously plush you won’t want to jump off even when the ride is over.

Abrasion Resistant

Traditional tubes have knee and elbow pads to protect your skin from 'tube rash'. With HO's exclusive Softshell Technology, the entire riding surface is covered in softshell. No more 'tube rash' on elbows or knees. You need to feel it for yourself!!

Temperature Control

When traditional Nylon tubes are left in the sun for extended periods, the material often becomes hot to the touch. Lying down on the hot material then becomes uncomfortable or even harmful to the skin. However, Softshell material does not become as hot as traditional material and thus remains comfortable to touch even in harsh sunlight. Even black Softshell material remains cooler than traditional nylon, giving you a soft cool surface to ride on all day!


  • HO Sports Sphere Technology
  • Softshell Top
  • Room for up to 2 adults – 155kgs. Capacity
  • HO Quick Connect Tow Attachment
  • Boston Valves for Quick and Easy Inflation and Deflation
  • No Show Handles
  • 2K Tube Rope Required for the Ultimate Pull


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