HO TX Slalom Ski Blank

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Really love your 110000-year old shred stick but you’re afraid that all the new technologies and shapes are going to have you poppin all over the dance floor? Well fear not! The HO TX has arrived. Born and bred from the team at HO – The TX was made to ensure that those coming from and older style of ski – could get on it and adjust with ease. The TX is essentially an oversized CX – meaning the width and stability come from the TX’s size, but can still maintain the performance of a faster, higher end ski.

The TX uses a combination of Speed Step Technology, Speed Skin technology, Over-Sized shape and Syndicate thoroughbred linage to create the highest performance shaped ski in its class. As a traditional ski moves through the water it drags with it a thin layer of water molecules that cling to the ski's bottom contributing significantly to ski drag. The Step Concave design uses a number of micro steps along the bottom concave which disrupt the water molecules, freeing them from the ski's wetted surface resulting in reduced drag and less physically demanding ski rides.

  • Speed Step Technology for reduced ski drag and increased ski speed.
  • Low Taper Shape for the most efficient support through the finish of the turn
  • 5-Stage Rocker for maximum speed, angle and stability
  • Blended Carbon & Fibre reinforcements for a smoother, more forgiving ride
  • Polyurethane Foam Core for a stable traditional feel
  • Aluminum T-Extrusion fin block
  • Handmade in Seattle, Washington, USA

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