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Jetpilot JP4 Ski Tube (2019)

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Jetpilot JP4 Ski Tube

The Jetpilot JP4 Ski Tube is a four person toweable that fun for the whole family and has a go pro mounting plate so you can catch all the action.

  • Dimensions (cm): (L) 91cm X (W) 94cm (Deflated size)

  • Dimensions (cm): (L) 231cm X (W) 238cm (Deflated size)

  • Designed for up to four riders

  • GoPro mounting point (adaptable for all POV Cameras)

  • Heavy duty full nylon cover with zipper

  • Heavy gauge PVC bladder

  • Double webbing foam handles with padded knuckle guards

  • Self-bailing drain vent

  • Reinforced Tow system

  • Quick connect Tow hook

  • Padded valve cover

  • Puncture repair kit

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