KD Krypton Slalom Ski With Axcess Boot & RTP (2022)

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Choose your weapon... Introducing a new design to the Kd Range. This ski is specifically developed to improve your skiing.....

KD Krypton Slalom Ski

KD have created a new mold for the Krypton models this year. Utilising the design features of thier New Titanium. They have built a ski built for the 30 to 34mph skiers, by adding a little width through the forebody to the tail. The New Krypton is built to perform in and out of the slalom course.

Available Sizes: 66", 68"


The Axcess Slalom Ski Boot is a great entry to intermediate level binding, combining adjustability and support. KD's innovative floating front toe enables a wide size range of feet to fit into each of the 2 sizes. The fit is controlled by the waterskier with a single front lace system which also provides super easy entry/ exit.


  • Carbon Inlay
  • RCD Top Deck
  • PU Core
  • Lifting Rail
  • Adjustable Fin System
  • Competition foil
  • Neoprene toe liner
  • Front lace system
  • Floating toe liner design

Size Chart


KD Krypton Slalom Ski With Axcess Boot & RTP (2022)

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