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Parks - The Official Parks Bonifay Documentary

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It took 27 years, locations all over the world and the last half a decade in production … but the Parks Bonifay Documentary is finally here. This tale of a man, his unconventional youth and unbelievable adulthood, flirting with disaster and challenging life, the triumphs of winning everything in sight, and tribulations of incomprehensible injuries, the considerable fun, unexpected pain and the pressure all add up to one thing: his movie. Come along as the life of an extraordinary athlete and his incredible family unfolds before you. It’s a life worth seeing; from the time when we watched helplessly as the sports’ greatest all-time athlete almost drowned in three feet of water, to a broken steering cable on a rickety film boat bobbing in the Teahupoo channel, to the historical footage of the world’s youngest rider on the water. The story of Parks Bonifay brings both never seen before mind blowing content and the untold story of the most highly acclaimed athlete in our sport. Join him for the ride. Winner of the best Documentary at the X-Dance Film Festival.

“We’ve got so much footage, not only of me, but of my parents skiing when they were 15-20, and even of my grandparents skiing in 1942 hitting a janky-ass ski ramp. When you see this you’re going to see a pretty cool story. People will walk away with a lot more than just my story, they’ll have a grasp of how wakeboarding fit into waterskiing, how waterskiing kind of came about, and about how the Bonifays fit into waterskiing before I was even born.” - Parks Bonifay “...The Bonifays, they’re crazy! Each one of them has a unique, crazy gene. From watching some of the old footage you’re just like, ‘What the hell were they thinking?!?’ You see Pete (Parks and Shane’s dad) almost die multiple times doing some crazy stunts and you kind of get an idea where Parks came from.” - Keith Kipp, Director “This is an incredible story of both athlete and family. Literally, Parks has been in the media spot light since he was six months old, and the new footage that is exclusive to this movie will illustrate why he is still the sport’s biggest name.” - Bill McCaffray, Publisher, Alliance Wakeboard Magazine

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