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Ronix Eight.3 3700GPH 12V Submersible Fat Sac Pump

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Ronix Eight.3 3700GPH 12V Submersible Fat Sac Pump (2016)

The Ronix Eight.3 3700GPH 12V Submersible Fat Sac Pump (2016) by Ronix was designed with one thing in mind, pure unadulterated speed. This 3700 gallon per hour aerator pump is made to be dropped either over the side of the boat for filling or directly into your telescoping ballast bag for draining. The fire hose style flow is facilitated by the industries largest 1-1/2” reinforced non kinking hose.

How Eight.3 works:
Using the Eight.3 3700 gph portable ballast pump is easy. Filling and draining your 8.3 Telescope bags happens in a fraction of the time that you are used to.

Filling: To fill, simply connect the male fitting on the end of the hose to the quick fill port on the top of the bag. Don't worry too much about spilling water as there is a built in check valve to help eliminate water from coming out of the bag when over filled.

Draining: To drain the bag start by pulling the top cover away from the telescoping drain tube. Pull it out of the bag and extend it as high as possible. Once the tube is above the water line of the sac unzip the entry point and physically submerge your pump into the bag. Zip the drain port around the hose to minimize the risk of water spilling out as the bag is drained. After draining there might be a small amount of residual water left at the bottom of the bag. Remove the pump and lift the bag over the side of the boat to release any liquid that may remain.

  • Fuse Size: 25 amps Amp Draw @ 12 (2009 or Newer Boats Only)
  • Volts: 15.5 Amp Draw @ 13.6
  • Volts: 20.0
  • Discharge Opening: 1-1/2"
  • Discharge Finish: Barbed
  • Housing Material: ABS
  • Strainer Material: ABS
  • Impeller Material: Nylon
  • Shaft Material: Stainless Seal
  • Material: Nitril/Teflon
  • Temperature Limit: 200 F
  • Fluid Capabilities: Bilge Water
  • Typical Life: 2500 hours

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