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Seahorse Pro Edition Package

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The SeaHorse Pro is the ultimate barefoot training experience that combines the functionality of the SeaHorse Classic with the addition of our Pro level features.

The ‘Pro’ features all the benefits of the classic with the following additions;

  • Detachable handle – ideal for training younger skiers, keeps a perfect body position without reaching for the boom
  • Adjustable leg – The SeaHorse method uses the leg of the device to maintain the position in the water, with an adjustable leg you have complete control over seat height for every skier.

The pro is suited for use with boats fitted with a boom. Simply attach to your boom and away you go.

Perfect for beginners, those wishing to perfect their skiing, or as a training aid for coaches.

Proudly Australian Made.


1 SeaHorse Pro Bar with;

  • Detachable handle bar
  • Adjustable leg

2 Boom attachments (1 Soft, 1 Hard)

1 SeaHorse Bag

1 Instruction Manual and Safety guide

Additional Features:

- Adjustable leg height with 4 preset lengths.

- Perfect for skiers of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

- Detachable Junior handle.

- Have your little one up safe and skiing with confidence straight away.

- Shorter for convenient storage.
Weight: 5.5 kg

Length: 1.2 m

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