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Straight Line to Eight.3/Tsunami Pump Adaptor Fitting

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Straight Line to Ronix Eight.3/Tsunami Pump Adaptor Fitting

If you need to fill or drain a Straight Line Sumo Sac, Big Bag or Ronix Eight.3 ballast bag using a Fly High Tsunami Pump or Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump, this is the adapter you need.

This is something our customers have been asking for for a while, and our exclusive 1" NPT x Quick Twist Adapter allows for easy filling and draining of any ballast bag that uses 1" NPT port with the Fly High Tsunami Pump or Elevate Turbo Ballast Pump.

Whether you already have some Fly High bags and a Tsunami pump and want to add a Straight Line bag to the mix, or if you're purchasing ballast for the first time and just want to be able to use the industry leading Fly High Tsunami Pump with Straight Line ballast bags, this is the adapter you need.

How It Works This adapter threads right in to one of the 1" NPT ports on the top of all new Sumo and Big Bag ballast bags, as well as the Ronix Eight.3 wakeboard ballast bags. Once installed, it stays in place and makes it possible to connect the Tsunami pump directly using the Fly High Quick Twist adapter system.
Because the pump is closer to the water, there are no priming issues during draining like those experienced using the LINK fitting system. Because this adapter is threaded into the bag directly, you will need one per bag.

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