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HO Couture CX Slalom Ski Blank

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Women’s slalom skiing just had a major overhaul. It’s called the Ho Couture Collection. Leading the charge and brand new for 21000014 is the Women’s Couture CX, with the philosophy of this ski being the amazing CX

The Couture CX comes from the CX mold, a decision made by April Coble & Breanne Wagner because it delivers what they have been seeking. The Couture utilizes our hybrid sidewall design, for speed where you want it and support where you need it. The Couture CX of course, gets the clean edge technology, which drastically reduces drag and the amount of physical effort required to ski it.

The Couture Team also demanded a departure from old school thinking on women's ski shapes. The past philosophy of wider skis to accommodate the slower speed was tossed out the window. Combine these features with a women's specific construction and flex pattern and you get the Couture CX. Break free from tradition and hop on the Couture CX for the ultimate slalom course of free skiing experience.

  • Women’s Specific Flex Pattern: Softer layup in specific places to maximize performance for ladies
  • Automatic Angle Shape for increased edge angle automatically, without skier lean.
  • Automatic Angle Bevel design allows to the ski to stay on edge at the finish of the turn for max acceleration
  • Auto-Centering Continuous Rocker: Auto-centering technology applied to a continuous rockerline for the cleanest, tightest turns in the industry
  • Hybrid Sidewall Design: speed where you want it and support where you need it.
  • Clean Edge Technology for 510000% less drag than conventional skis
  • Torsional I-Beam Structure for maximum strength to weight ratio and 210000% lighter skis than conventional
  • Aluminum T-Extrusion fin block
  • Handmade in Seattle, Washington, USA

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