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Looking to get out on the water all year round? A good wetsuit will be your best friend when jumping in those cold waters! We have a massive range of full length steamers, short leg springsuits, and Jetski specific suits.

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We offer a wide range of wakeboard and waterski wetsuits, including spring suits, steamers and Jetski suits. Our waterski and wakeboard wetsuits are made of strong neoprene material that keeps you warm in water, and also protects you against wind. Contact us if you need any assistance. We can help you choose the right wetsuit based on your specific need.

Yes, wetsuits are a great way to keep you warm in the cold water. The thicker and tighter the suit is the warmer it will be!

Wetsuits should be a snug fit that is well sealed around the ankles, wrists and neck. Wetsuits work by trapping water between you and the suit, and acting as an isulator.

Depending on how much you feel the cold, thicker full length suits will be the warmest while short leg variations provide a good alternative for warmer waters!

Spring suits are short leg wetsuits that come in both long and short arm variations. These suits are great for skiing in Queensland winters

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