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Combining the best parts of riding on land and water, wakeskating has a culture of its own. Get into your next winch, park or boat session with our huge range of decks from major brands Liquid Force, Ronix, Byerly and many more.

WakeSkate - Waterskiers World

At Waterskiers World we have all the expert advice to make the process of buying your new wakeskate easy and offer a 12 month warranty on all purchases. With an extensive range of decks available simply contact our friendly sales team if you have any questions Contact Us

The size deck you need is based on weight and also your ability level, a shorter skate is easy to turn and a longer skate gives more stability on the water.

The deck has different surface options including foam and grip tape, the foam option you can ride in barefeet however we would recommend using shoes on the grip tape as it is quite abrasive.

You can ride behind a Jet Ski or smaller boat on a wake skate, a lot of riders also like to go to the cable park on their skates and hit the obstacles up.

It will certainly provide you with a sense of the balance and moves required however you wont know until you hit the water and give it a run and at least when you stack it will be a lot more fun!

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