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In the market for a wakeboard rope and handle? Find the perfect handle and rope here, with a large range of non-stretch spectra lines as well as pre-stretched packages for the weekend warrior!

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Wake Rope & Handles

Nothing makes your wakeboarding experience better than having a comfy handle and a good quality non-stretch line. Explore our wide variety of wake ropes and handles from leading brands Direct Line, Ronix, Follow and many more.

Wakeboard ropes vary in length between 55 & 85 feet and most lines are adjustable so you can adjust the rope length to your preference.

We have basic "low-stretch" rope and handle packages that are more suited to entry level riders price range

Spectra/Dyneema (non-stretch) wakeboard ropes have no stretch in them, which is beneficial for more consistent pop off the wake and instant response. However, this comes with an added price, so "low-stretch" ropes are a good alternative for entry level riders who are not yet jumping the wake.

Any of our wakesurf specific ropes will be perfect for wakesurfing. Spinner ropes are the best for keeping the rope untangled!

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