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In need of a bigger, rampier wake to send you and your mates this summer? Check out our massive range of external ballast bags, and ballast kits to suit boats of all shapes and sizes!

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Ballast Bags

Ballast bags or fat sacs add weight to the boat to increase your wake size. If you're not happy with the boost from your current setup, fats sacs are the answer. Boat ballast is available in different shapes and sizes to suit the area you want extra weight in and how much weight you want to add. We only stock the best brands in ballast including Fly High, Sumo & Eight.3. 

Any new fat sacs will need fittings to adapt them to existing systems. Make sure you know the hose size, bag port threads and configuration of your boat’s ballast system. Contact Us and our staff will be sure to answer any questions

Where you put your fat sacs will differ for each boat but it’s also best to evenly distribute the weight. Too much ballast on the port or starboard side will result in an uneven wake. Too much ballast in the stern will shorten your wake and the boat will struggle to get on the plane. We have fat sacs built to fit almost anywhere you can think of to put them.

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