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Foiling is the latest craze to hit the watersports seen and can provide hours of fun on the water. Looking for the latest Foils from the guys at Wakefoil like the AK Galaxy, POD or the Lauch 2.0. Waterskiers World stock the latest range of Wake Foils perfect for cruising behind the boat.

A wakefoil is a board (similar to a wakesurfer) with a mast and wing-like object, known as the foil wing attatched to the bottom. This wing produces lift, which allows for riders to cruise above the water.

Wakefoiling is easy with the right foil for you! Foils with less curve in the wing as well as smaller masts give the rider more stability and confidence to ride above the water!

Depends on mast length, most foils have at least a 27" mast but our begginer foils have 24" masts to make it easier for the first timer!

No, foils are not meant to be ridden with bindings however a few do come with foot straps

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