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Fly High Centre 750lb Fatsac


The Fat Sac 750 is the most popular wakeboard ballast bag of all time and a great universal bag for many boats...

Fly High Centre 750lb Fat Sac

The Fat Sac Centre 750lb Fat Sac is the most popular wakeboard ballast bag of all time and a great universal bag for many boats.

There's a reason the Fly High Centre 750lb Fat Sac wakeboard ballast bag is continually one of our best selling products; it offers a huge amount of weight for a great price, in a very versatile size. Looking for a better surf wake from your direct drive or v-drive boat? Want a better wakeboard wake or need more weight in the front of the boat? The Fat Sac works in almost any common location for nearly every application, which means chances are, it's the ballast bag you've been looking for.

V-Drive Boats: Place the Fat Sac in the rear lockers next to the engine on 20-25' v-drive boats for use when surfing or wakeboarding.

Direct Drive Boats: Place the fly high 750 on each side of the engine compartment for an additional 1500 pounds of pure wake enhancement that is perfectly balanced. Configure those same bags in an "L" shape next to and behind the engine compartment for surfing bliss.

Other Applications: Use the Fat Sac anywhere it will fit dimensionally that you need additional weight; it works well in the open bow walkway, on the floor or up in the bow on top of the seat cushions.


  • Constructed from 100% Valmax white water rafting material
  • Unbelievably durable without the need for an outer shell
  • The most demanded sacs on the market today
  • Extra valve included! Now made with an extra 4th valve at the bottom end, standard.

Size Chart

50"L x 20"W x 20"H

127cm x 50cm x 50cm



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