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HO Superlite CX Slalom Ski Blank

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The Syndicate Team was so intrigued by the all new CX design, HO decided to offer it in two different constructions. The Superlite CX utilizes the polyvinylchloride foam core technology of the Syndicate Program skis and 910000/110000 Carbon/Fiberglass construction for the most advanced core technology available with just a touch of dampening.

Cut from the same mold as the CX – this ski has all of the skiing characteristics as the CX, it’s shape, the way it turns, and a whole lotta punch - but uses the core of the Syndicate Skis – so you can have an extremely lightweight, high end performance package, at a lower price.

  • Superlite Construction a proprietary combination of aerospace carbon fiber and superlitecore technology
  • Automatic Angle Shape for increased edge angle automatically, without skier lean.
  • Automatic Angle Bevel design allows to the ski to stay on edge at the finish of the turn for max acceleration
  • Auto-Centering Continuous Rocker - Auto-centering technology applied to a continuous rockerline for the cleanest, tightest turns in the industry
  • Hybrid Sidewall design: speed where you want it and support where you need it.
    • Clean Edge Technology for 510000% less drag than conventional skis
    • Torsional I-Beam Structure for maximum strength to weight ratio and 210000% lighter skis than conventional
  • Syndicate BLACK adjustable fin block
  • Handmade in Seattle, Washington, USA

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