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    "There’s only one way to wakeboard… Go Big or Go Home"

    Age: 27
    Stance: Regular
    Location: Ipswich
    Years Riding: 14
    Rides: Double Up Del Taco & Double Up Costa Boots

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      1st Pro Mens - Australian Cable Pro Tour 2009
      4th Pro Mens - Australian Cable Pro Tour 2009
      4th Pro Mens - Queensland Cable State Titles 2009
      7th Pro Mens - Australian Cable Nationals 2010
      4th Pro Mens - IWWF Cable World Tour Stop 1 2011
      1st Pro Mens - GoRide Flatwater Freaks 2011
      2nd Pro Mens - Australian Cable Nationals 2012
      41st Pro Mens - IWWF World Cable Championships 2012
      2nd Pro Mens - 2016 Australian Cable Nationals
      4th Pro Mens - Australian Cable Nationals 2017

      First person to land/invent trick:

      Switch Ole Back Mobe 7 (kicker)
      Toeside Hinterberger to Blind (air trick)
      Toeside Nose Hinterberger 5 (air trick)
      Hoochie C7 (air trick)
      Bio Roll to Blind (air trick)
      Method S-Bend to Blind (air trick)
      Double Nuclear Heelside Frontside Shifty 540 (kicker)

      Favourite place to board?
      Bli Bli Cable Park. It’s the cable I first started riding on and I know the cable back to front, inside-out and upside down. Its where I feel most at home on the water.

      What couldn’t live without?
      Closed toe bindings!

      Trick you’re most proud of landing:
      Toeside Hinterberger to Blind. Because it’s my trick and I’m still the only person to ever land it.

      Who’s your favourite rider/s at the moment?
      Matty Wilkings and Scotty McBriar will always be my favourite riders. They defined what Australian wakeboarding is by going huge, throwing down the hardest tricks and putting their own unique style on everything they did!

      When you’re not wakeboarding, what are doing?
      Teaching/coaching, working on my car, drifting and spending time with family.

      Describe a perfect day.
      Sunny day with drifting in the morning then cable in the afternoon with flat water to
      boost off.

      Any shout-outs?
      Waterskiers World, Loose Kid Industries, Bayside Wake Park, My Mum and my rock Katrina.

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