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    Age: 23
    Stance: Right Foot Forward
    Location: Moree, NSW
    Years Skiing: 7
    Rides: Connelly GT with Reflex Super Shell & Wiley Rear Boot


    • Profile

      Australian U21 Slalom Champion 
      State Open Mens Slalom Champion

      Where did you first jump on a waterski?
      Out on a lake between Broken Hill and Wilcania when I was 5

      Favourite place to ski?
      The new Moree Ski Lakes. It is early days but it is a sick set up! And mainly because I have be involved with it from the planning and construction to the development phase we are in now. Just awesome to be able to ski on the lakes after dad and I have put 7 years of countless hours into it. 

      Anything couldn’t live without?
      Gloves!!! I hear so many people say that they aren’t needed but if you want to be throwing down big turns on a slalom ski they’re essential!

      What boat do you ride behind?
      We own a 2012 Mastercraft Pro Star 197. It is strong, skis awesome and also isn’t too bad to have a wakeboard behind.

      Achievement you’re most proud of? 
      Skiing an equal PB to win the U21 Slalom Nationals by half a bouy was by far the coolest feeling I have had skiing!

      Who’s your favourite skier?
      Will Asher…. He turns 2 & 4 ball so hard and it just looks cool.

      Where would you like to take your skiing in the next few years?
      Next few years starting this summer I hope to promote the sport in my region by hosting ski schools, coaching, come and try days at varies sites around outback NSW/QLD that haven’t had the opportunity to be exposed to the sport as we know it…..So keep your ears open! And obviously to keep pushing forward with my slalom scores and keep competitive in the open men’s

      The Old man for countless hours behind the wheel and copping sprays from me about his boat path. Also my Coach Les Walters, words can’t describe this guy’s knowledge and dedication to helping others in the sport. And of course Waterskiers World for the ongoing support over the last couple of seasons!

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