The Best Wakeboard Tricks for the Ultimate Wakeboarding Experience

best wakeboard tricks for ultimate wakeboarding experience

Wakeboard tricks take the experience of wakeboarding to a completely new level. Once you have gained enough experience in wakeboarding, you can then progress to learning different wakeboard tricks that will further polish your wakeboarding skills. There are plenty of online videos that demonstrate the different wakeboarding tricks. Some of these videos are easy to comprehend tutorials and can really help you learn and master the skills of wakeboarding.  

Before you consider wakeboard tricks, it is important to be aware that you should only attempt to try wakeboarding tricks when you have sufficient experience in the field. Wakeboard tricks require confidence and therefore, it is essential that you are both mentally prepared and physically fit. Also keep in mind that everything takes practice. Though you may not be good at the tricks in the start, you will gradually get better as practice makes perfect.

Beginners can perform various wakeboard tricks. Not all tricks are intended for experts. To stay on the safe side, it is better that you begin with the starter tricks and then progress to higher difficulty levels. The higher difficulty level tricks have more risks and therefore, they should only be attempted when one has mastered the beginner tricks. Various wakeboard tricks can be performed.

Here is how they are classified:

Grab Tricks

Grab tricks are known as the essence of board sports. Grab tricks are performed by the rider grabbing the board with their hand from different locations. Some of the best grab tricks include Crail, Canadian Bacon, Indy Nosebone, Nuclear and Palmer, amongst many others.

Surface Tricks

Surface Tricks are those in which the board is meant to stay on the surface of the water.  Some of the best surface tricks include: Backside Butterslide, No-Hander, Powerslide, Surface 180 and Surface 360, amongst others.

Invert Tricks

As the name suggests, invert tricks require the rider to invert or go upside down whilst in the air. These tricks are a treat to watch but are also risky. The rider requires experience and confidence. Some of the best invert tricks include Diesel, Double Back Roll, Crook, Elephant, Mexican Roll and many others.

Spin Tricks

The spin tricks involve the rider rotating with the board whilst in the air. These tricks are fun to watch as well as perform. The spin tricks really allow the rider to express their wakeboarding skills. Some of the best spin tricks include Spin 180, Spin 360, Spin 900, Spin 009 and many others.

In order to make the most of the wakeboard tricks experience, it is essential the wakeboarding gear is of optimal quality. has a range of quality wakeboarding equipment to choose from. When choosing the wakeboarding gear, ensure that it is of the perfect size. You can make use of the manufacturers sizing charts and guide to get a better idea of your size.

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