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The Fly High Pro X Series Fat Sac wakeboard ballast bag is a highly popular product amongst wakeboarders. Purchasing products from the Fly High Pro X series can easily be done online. If your local sporting store does not stock the products you need or you live too far away from a quality store, check out, and have your next Fat Sac delivered straight to your home.

Why you should love the Fly High Pro X series

All of the products in the Fly High Pro X series are in demand and have a great reputation for getting the job done, without any fuss or problems. Here are some of the reasons that wakeboarders around the world are in awe of these Fat Sacs.

You get a lot of weight, without needing to spend much money. If you are looking for a cost effective ballast bag, you cannot look past a Fly High Pro X series Fat Sac.

There are lots of sizes and shapes to choose from. If you need versatility in your ballast bag, you will find the products you need in this series. You can also move the bags around to different positions in the boat, so you know that the product will still help you when your needs change.

The Fat Sacs in this series will fit into almost any boat, without compromising the size of your wake.

Use in V-drive boats or direct drive boats, or anywhere that you need extra weight.

The Fly High Pro X series Fat Sac ballast bags were the first products designed specifically for use in a wakeboarding boat. Because of this, you are purchasing products that have a solid reputation and that have been designed for your exact sport. There is no need to adapt or compromise with the wakeboarding gear your purchase. Go straight for the Fat Sac and you will be making the right choice.

Fly High Pro X series Fat Sac ballast bags are durable, avoid leakage and are constructed from a simple and slick design. Your bag will be strong, long-lasting and very flexible.

Get your own Fly High series Fat Sac ballast bags

A great place to shop for products in the Fly High Pro X series is You will find a diverse range of products in this series, and also other awesome gear for the water and the snow. When you shop at, you will receive competitive pricing, a huge range of stock, free postage and exceptional customer service.

If you have questions about your ballast bags, or the equipment that will help you get the most out of your time on the water, you can always contact our friendly staff who are experienced with the sports and gear themselves.

Get your Fly High Pro X series Fat Sac ballast bags from and enjoy the experience of shopping online.

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