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    Age: 22
    Stance: Regular
    Location: Somerset Dam, QLD    
    Years Riding: 10
    Rides: Ronix Space Blanket & Ronix RXT Boots

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      Competing at nationals this year was massive! Competing against people like Mike Dowdy and Cory and Brad Teunissen was just so crazy. Had to pinch myself a bit.

      When did you first jump on a wakeboard?
      My brother would always stick me between his legs on the wakeboard as a youngster. Absolutely hated it.

      What couldn’t live without?
      Would have to be the fat sacks. Can never have enough.

      What boat do you ride behind?
      Malibu 22 MXZ

      Who are your favourite riders at the moment?
      Cory "tunerfish" Teunissen. The kid's a freak. Just watching him ride is ridiculous. Another one is Michael Cotton. I've never ever seen anyone charge it as hard as Michael. His intensity is out of this world.

      Trick you’re most proud of landing:
      Heel Back 5 or Indy Tantrum to Blind

      Where would you like to take your wakeboarding in the next few years?
      Who knows man, I'm just riding the wave. I'll find out when I get there I guess.

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