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    Age: 21
    Stance: Left Foot Forward
    Location: Brisbane
    Years Skiing: 10
    Rides: HO Syndicate VTX & Reflex Super Shell with RTP


    • Profile

      1st U14 Boys - Australian Nationals 2010
      1st U17 Boys - Australian Nationals 2011, 2012, 2013
      3rd Junior Boys - Moomba Masters 2013
      2nd Junior Boys - Moomba Masters 2014
      3rd Open Mens - Australian Nationals 2014
      3rd Open Mens - Australian Nationals 2015

      Favorite place to ski?
      Bushy Brown's Adventure Ski Park at Woodford. It is very protected from the wind and you don't need to worry about other boats so you can focus on your training.

      What boat do you ride behind?
      Mastercraft Pro Star

      How many events do you compete in?
      I compete in jump, trick & slalom but slalom is my best event.

      Achievement you’re most proud of?
      Running 11m for the first time in competition.

      Who’s your favorite skier at the moment?
      Ryan Dodd because its great to watch someone jump over 70m.

      Where would you like to take your skiing in the next few years?
      I would like to be able to compete in the pro competitions in the USA in the next few years.

      My parents Ken and Heather as well as Shorty and Mel.
      Obrien Australia and ML Boarding for helping me out for many years.



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