Finding The Wakeboard Ropes & Handles You Need



You don’t need the forgiving stretch of a waterski rope as much for wakeboarding because it’s done at slower speeds. Wakeboard ropes have low or no stretch to give you a more consistent pull from the boat. This helps your edge control on approach and delivers more lift and pop off the wake. Most wakeboard ropes are 75-85ft long and come with sections so you can shorten or lengthen the rope to suit individual riders and boat wakes. This also means you can bring beginners closer to the boat for a flatter, narrower wake and give advanced riders a bit more length so they can hit the sweet spot.


There are three materials that wakeboard ropes are made from:


LOW STRETCH POLY-E rope makes wakeboarding easier on your body and more forgiving for beginners. It’s cheaper to manufacture than non-stretch wakeboard rope so it’s a great budget option to have on the boat for everyone to use.

Beginner Wakeboard Rope & Handles

NON STRETCH DYNEEMA OR SPECTRA line is best if you want the most out of your boat wake. Spectra and Dyneema lines are made from the same material as Poly-E ropes but have been extruded into much thinner, stiffer rope. Dyneema line is thicker than Spectra and a little less prone to tangling. Spectra is a lighter weight wakeboard rope than Dyneema but is thinner so we recommend coated Spectra to prevent tangling.

Pro Wakeboard Ropes

With a wider bar and comfier grip wakeboard handles make life better for the rider. For surface spins and spin tricks in the air a 15” bar makes your handle passes so much easier. Wakeboard handles are available in a wide range of bar shapes and grip materials to suit individual riders. A basic handle is round with an EVA foam grip like a waterski handle. Prefer an elliptical or hexagonal grip? Want the extra comfort of a suede or neoprene finish? Need a T-bar section to help get more spin? We have a huge range of pro wakeboard handles for a more personal feel.

Pro Wakeboard Handles

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