Follow Season 8 Is Set to Stand Out

Once a small new player in flotation devices and wetsuits Follow is now a staple in the watersports world. Teaming up with Jetpilot, Follow life jackets are now manufactured with the same unmatched quality we have come to expect from the number one life vest brand in Australia. With fresh designs, features and fits let’s have a look at what’s in store for 2019.


The two-fit Follow system has worked well over past seasons for both customers and staff fitting life jackets. If you want a tight-fitting life vest that’s snug you around the waist, Pro Fit is for you. If you’re sporting a fine dad bod and need a little more room around the gut or just want a looser and more relaxed feel, go for a Happy Fit.

New for 2019 is Pro Fit 2 which has the same cut and shape of the original Pro Fit but replaces the traditional mid-buckle closure with a waist buckle. This helps to stop the life vest rising up in the water and makes it more comfortable to wear. It also gets that unsightly buckle out of the way, making Pro Fit 2 life jackets some of the best looking for this season.

Follow Pro Fit 2


Fit is not everything for Follow Season 8 life jackets in 2019. Knowing your neoprene will help you to fine tune your fit, feel and comfort.

NATURALPRENE. Continuing from its success in the 2018 range, Sustainable Performance Range (SPR) life vests are industry leading in the sustainable use of resources. Made from renewable rubber trees and laminated with solvent free glues, Naturalprene gives you all the comfort and stretch of conventional neoprene without all the nasty environmental effects.

REALLY STRETCHY NEOPRENE. It’s really stretchy. Massi Piffaretti’s Cinch and Oli Derome’s Token pro model life jackets are 100% made of it and couldn’t be more comfortable. It’s super soft and stretchy so if you like that really snug fit you may need to go down a size in these vests.

Folllow Massi Cinch Pro Life Jacket 2019

DURAPRENE. Used on the BP and Mitch Pro life jacket for its toughness. It’s the most durable neoprene in the Follow range and this makes it a lot stiffer. If you want a long-lasting life vest and like a firm feel and fit, duraprene is the way to go.


We keep hearing it from women every season. Girls want just as much choice in life jacket colours as the guys. Follow is known for minimalist graphics with earthy tones and these designs are now available across the women’s range as well. So if you’re sick of pink and purple being the only female colour options Follow is here to save the day!

Follow Women's Range

Follow Season 8 is expected to be in stock late August/Early September. Check out the full Follow Season 7 range here or contact us for more information.

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