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    Age: 16
    Stance: Goofy
    Location: Coffs Harbour
    Years Riding: 2
    Rides: Ronix Limelight & Ronix Limelight Boots

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    • Profile

      2nd Mastercraft 2016 Australian Wake Nationals
      2nd Malibu Australian Open Series
       3rd Moomba Masters 2017

      Where did you first ride on a wakeboard? 
      Big River Ski Lodge & Holiday Park, Grafton. The water is always glass and sun always shining on the Clarence River.

      Boat, cable or both?
      I mainly ride boat because I've grown up around boats but I do ride cable as much as I can. I enjoy taking a trick from cable to boat or vide versa.

      What boat do you ride behind? 
      I ride behind a Nautique 210.

      Who’s your favourite rider/s at the moment? 
      Nic Rapa is my favourite rider at the moment. Growing up with him, seeing the determination In his riding and how much he pushed himself to get where he is today has really inspired me to progress my riding.

      Where would you like to take your wakeboarding in the next few years?
      I can land a Tantrum and Switch Scarecrow so I would like to start learning more technical tricks and progressing my riding to a higher level.

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