Try Before You Buy

To enable the customer to experience our exciting products before purchasing we provide the opportunity to hire a range of the latest wakeboards, waterskis, kneeboards and more!

This unique program ensures you are getting the right product to suit all your needs and also having a great time in the process.

Once you have had the opportunity to experience the product first hand you can then make an informed decision, if you proceed with a purchase within four weeks of the hire period we will deduct the value of the hire off the sale price!


The equipment available is as follows:

Ronix Space Blanket 137cm
Ronix District 143cm
Ronix One ATR 138cm
Ronix Code 22 139cm (For Sale $450)
Ronix Limelight 136cm
Ronix QTM 134cm
Ronix Krush 134cm
Liquid Force Watson Classic 138cm
Liquid Force Watson Classic 138cm
Liquid Force Harley 139cm
Liquid Force Harley 143cm
Liquid Force Trip 142cm 
Liquid Force Trip 138cm
Hyperlite Murray 139cm
Hyperlite Kruz 139cm
Hyperlite Vagabond 138cm
Hyperlite  Relapse 141cm
Hyperlite State 140cm

Cable Park:
Hyperlite Union 138cm
Hyperlite Wishbone 143cm
Hyperlite PBJ 138cm
Ronix Kinetic Flexbox 2 (144cm)
Liquid Force Fury 125cm
HO Park Popsicles
Byerly Slayer (54.5")
DUP Chill V (145cm)
DUP Del Taco (143cm)
DUP Del Taco Fi (136cm)
DUP Venture (141cm)

Hyperlite Shim 5'3"
Hyperlite Time Machine
Hyperlite Hi Fi
Ronix Modello Skim Fish 
Ronix Wake Shaper


Radar Vapor Pro Build 67"
Radar Senate Graphite 67" (For Sale $950)
Radar Senate Lithium 69" (For Sale)
Radar Senate Alloy 69"
Radar Butter Knife 69"
Radar Ladies Butter Knife 65"
Radar Lyric 65"
Ho V-Type R 67"
HO CX Superlite 67"

Radar Delerium 63" (For Sale $300 Blank)
Connelly GT 67"
Connelly Aspect 67"
Connelly Big Daddy
Connelly Outlaw 69" 
Jobe Rogue 67"



Jobe Relic
HO Agent 

Sky Ski



Hire Rates

All hire equipment is available for the weekend (Friday – Monday)

Wakeboards / Slalom Ski’s / Wakesurfers                                 $55.00

Kneeboards / Combo Ski’s/ Wakeskates                                   $45.00

Sky Ski                                                                                        $99.00

* To secure a specific product at least one week’s booking notice must be provided.

 Please note there is a limit of up to four hires during the four week period to receive the discount

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