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Mooba Wetsuits are a water sports brand from Queensland Australia that has been creating quality wetsuits for over 25 years. They are one of the leading wetsuit brands in Australia because they create suits that meet the diverse conditions of local waters.

Mooba Wetsuits places functionality over fashion although their products are still undeniably stylish. Serious surfers, waterskiers and wakeboarders know the Moomba brand well and stand by them for consistently delivering superior wetsuits that are comfortable, fit well and awesome to wear.

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Wetsuits Quality Moomba Wetsuits can be purchased online through and conveniently delivered to you at your home. Check out the latest designs and styles or ask the team at WaterSkiersWorld for advice on choosing the right product for you. They are experienced and passionate water sports people too and can help you buy the perfect Moomba Wetsuit to suit your sport.

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