• Athletes Details


    Age: 22
    Stance: Right Foot Forward
    Location: Sydney
    Years Skiing: 11
    Rides: 2018 Connelly GT & HO Syndicate Hardshell with HO RTP


    • Profile

      Reserve for U21 Worlds 2016
      Reserve for Open Worlds 2017-11-07
      Semi Finalist - Moomba Masters Jump 2017
      2x Junior Masters Slalom Champion
      3x Open Men NSW/ACT State Slalom Champion

      What couldn’t live without?
      My 13” 1.062” Masterline Carbon Custom Handle and Slide-Loop Mainline

      What's your ride?
      Malibu Response TXI

      When did you first get on the water?
      Hawkesbury River at 8 years old

      Favourite place to ski?
      Stoney Park because it skis so well there!

      How many events do you compete in?
      All 3. Slalom, Trick and Jump.

      Who are your favourite skiers?
      Will Asher- An innovator helping the push the sport forward.
      Joel Howley- Great guy. Knows a lot about slalom skiing and rides a Connelly!
      April Coble- Great mentor. Super experienced and the world's cleanest wake crossings.

      Where would you like to take your skiing in the next few years?
      I want to be a force to be reckoned with on the Pro Circuit!

      When you’re not skiing, what are you doing?
      Running my Car Detailing Business Clarity Auto Detailing and my tutoring business Clarity Academic Coaching.

      How can we make America great again?
      More waterskiing!

      Malibu Boats Australia
      GRE Marine
      Team Windsor

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