There are so many different shapes and styles of tubes out there it can be hard to keep up! Whether you want air off the wake, a safe and stable ride for the kids or just the latest crazy tube we've got the perfect solution. Use this Tube Buyer’s Guide to find out which tube is going to suit your needs. We only stock the highest quality tubes with heavy duty nylon covers, tough PVC bladders and 12 month warranty.


The first question you need to answer when choosing your tube size is; how many people do you want to ride it? All our tubes indicate the maximum number of people that can ride as well as the physical size of the tube. Physical size is important because, for example, two person tubes are available in several different sizes. A 66” two person tube suits children and teenagers where a 70” two person tube gives adult riders more arm and leg room. Remember that smaller tubes have less drag and whip across the wake with more speed. Consider the tube’s thickness as well. A thicker tube makes for a comfortable and cushioned ride while a thinner tube is easier for people to get back on from the water.


Waterski tubes come in many different shapes and sizes but there are two basic styles:

DECK STYLE TUBES are flat and require you to lie on top and hold onto the handles at the front. These tubes have the least drag and provide a faster feeling ride as you’re closer to the water. Some deck tubes have a square tail to help them track and others have wings that make it easier to stay on and lean in on a whip.

Deck Style Waterski Tubes

SIT-IN STYLE TUBES allow you to sit in a seat while riding the tube. A basic version of this is your classic donut tube but they can be bigger couch style tubes that tow both ways or have inflatable seats for better comfort. These tubes are safer to ride, feel more secure and are less likely to throw you out on a whip or bounce off the wake.

Sit In Style Waterski Tubes

There’s many more crazy styles of waterski tube to choose from. Try the SUMO TUBE which you can ride inside or the fully controllable ZIG-ZAG TUBE! There are new designs and shapes released every season so make sure to check out our tube range regularly for new additions.

Sports Stuff Sumo Waterski Tube


TUBE ROPES are very different to conventional ski ropes for good reason. They are shorter than ski ropes to reduce the risk of whipping out dangerously. Tube ropes also have greater stretch to reduce the risk of damage to you, your boat or the tube itself. Make note of how many people the tube rope is rated for as thicker ropes are required for multiple riders.

SHOCK ROPES are specially designed bungee sections that attach between your tube and rope. They serve to reduce shock loading on you, your boat and the tube when you hit rough water or the tube digs in and creates a lot of drag. With big tubes especially, this force has the potential to bend ski poles and a shock rope will reduce the risk of this occurring.

Waterski Tube Ropes

Tubes need to be inflated with an air pump. HIGH VOLUME AIR PUMPS are ideal to inflate tubes quickly and without the risk of overinflation. Compressors can be used with an adaptor but take a long time and may overinflate causing damage if left unattended.

If you are loading and unloading your tube into the boat or car regularly consider buying a TUBE CARRY BAG that you can roll your deflated tube into for easy transportation and storage. Tubes never fit back in the box!

Waterski Tube Accessories

Remember, don’t overthink it. The thing about tubes is, you’re going to have a great day on the water no matter what you choose. As always, CONTACT our friendly staff if you need any more information.

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