Wakeboarding tricks you should try in 2015


New year resolutions for wakeboarders may include learning new tricks. Once you have mastered the basics of wakeboarding, you will be ready to learn some new moves. Let’s make 2015 the year to boost your ego and show off to your friends. Here are some wakeboar

ding tricks that you should try, to keep it thrilling on the wake.

As a beginner, ensure that you progress safely in the sport and master the beginner tricks first before tackling those that require extreme skills. Gain support from wakeboarders who are more advanced than you, as these people will offer the best advice and correct demonstrations. Remember to try new tricks on calm days, when the water is not too choppy or rough.

Squat down

Squat down on your board using your lower body strength, and glide your hand along the water while you are there. This trick will improve your balance and even make you fitter. If you struggle with squatting, perform these moves with weights at home or at the gym, so you improve while on solid ground. You can then progress by performing the squat while on water, where you will find it more difficult to hold your balance and not fall over. Avoid face planting by leaning forward, and keep your upper body straight at all times.

Surface 180

In this trick you will turn 180 degrees without leaving the water. Start by switching your feet by changing your front foot. You can either turn your chest towards the boat, or away from the boat to perform two different tricks. Spend time mastering the surface 180 as this is a building block for other advanced tricks that you might like to conquer later on.

Surface 360

This trick is a full turn and an extension of the surface 180. You will need to be able to take one hand off the handle to perform this correctly. After commencing a surface 180, keep going around so you do not stop. You should end up in the position that you first started in.


An ollie is like a bunny hop without using the wake. You will pop up in the air by loading the rope with resistance and pushing down with your foot on the back of the board. Once you do this for the first time, you will start to feel like you are on your way to being a pro!


Try jumping the wake and getting air by hitting the wake square-on. You will need to keep your knees bent and approach the wake at a regular speed. As you go up the wake, straighten your knees so you shoot into the air. You will then get ready for the landing, and a smooth landing will finish off the trick perfectly.

Spray it

Spray the water up by digging your heels in and pushing down on the back of the board. This trick is all about enjoying being in the water and feeling it all around you. Step it up in 2015, with new wakeboarding tricks that raise your level of excitement.

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