Women’s Wakeboard and Why the Size Matters

women's wakeboard


Women's Wakeboard

In the popular sport of wakeboarding, a wakeboard is used to provide surface tension and balance over the surface of water. Wakeboarding is an old sport which emerged in 1980 and was originally known as skurfing. Wakeboards are used to stand on top of water which is being pulled by another mechanically powered device such as a boat.

The board is designed to float on the surface with a degree of buoyancy which allows the wakeboarder to balance herself. These wakeboards are made from honeycomb, foam, resin or wood along with a fiberglass coating. The harness which will pull the wakeboard is attached by using metallic screws. The wakeboard also has fins and bindings which can be adjusted to allow for differential maneuvering and changing direction. Different types of movements are achieved by using different kinds of fins. Shallow fins on the wakeboard are used for performing tricks on the surface. Some boards have also molded fins already attached to the wakeboard. Adjustments on the board can be made according to the rider’s preference, style and experience.


Importance of Size in Selecting a Women's Wakeboard

Women's Wakeboards are designed in a variety of ways to suit the physical attributes and the preference of the rider. The rider needs to have a good command over the wakeboard and control over its movements so that you can maintain balance and follow the direction of the boat easily. The size of women's wakeboards usually follows a comprehensive chart which coincides with a person’s body weight. When riding individually obviously the size of the board will depend on that person’s weight, however if more than one people are riding on the wakeboard then the weight of the most frequent rider or the heaviest rider should be used to select the right wakeboard.

A longer wakeboard does not always mean that it is the best wakeboard in allowing one to do tricks. The length prescribed according to different weight follows a range such that a person can self-select according to her comfort level.


The size chart below will serve as a guide in the selection process:

Rider Weight (lbs)

Wakeboard Length (cm)

Up to 45kg













In selecting a women's wakeboard, it is imperative to understand what size means on the surface of the water. A larger wakeboard will be faster and smoother across the surface while a shorter board will require the rider to put in more effort for movement. On the plus side, a shorter wakeboard is better in terms of performing tricks such as spinning in the air or flipping. At the same time landing with shorter wakeboards can be harder as well. With a longer wakeboard learning and riding is easier because it allows for more control although these are heavier and face resistance by the air. On the plus side, while performing tricks landing is safer and better cushioned with a longer wakeboard.

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