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January 29, 2020 3 min read

Let’s be honest, wakeboarding isn’t the easiest watersport to learn. Get some help from the best beginner wakeboards on the market.

Getting up on a wakeboard for the first time can be hard and once you do, catching a toe edge can put beginner wakeboarders off the sport entirely. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to make learning the basics of wakeboarding super easy for first-timers and beginner riders.

Here’s our top 5 entry-level wakeboards:

2020 Ronix Vault


One of the best entry level wakeboard shapes ever made, the Ronix Vault has been teaching beginner wakeboarders how to ride for over a decade. Big centre fins and channels lock you in for a stable wakeboarding experience. A smooth continuous rocker line and rounded rails provide a consistent feel to give you confidence learning to freeride. The unique beginner wakeboard shape gives you freedom on your heelside for learning wake jumps and locks you in toeside for stability. The Ronix Vault is also available in junior (Ronix Vault Jnr), boys & girls (Vision & August) and women’s (Ronix Krush) design.


The Hyperlite State 2.0 gives beginner wakeboarders an edge over the rest. Big centre fins and forgiving edges make learning to wakeboard so much easier. The asymmetric shape makes learning to ride toeside a breeze while still providing big pop and speed on your heelside edge. This beginner wakeboard is also available in women's (Hyperlite Eden), boy's (Hyperlite State Jnr) & girl's (Hyperlite Eden Jnr) designs.


A classic first-time wakeboard shape improved for beginner riders. The Liquid Force Trip has been teaching first-time wakeboarders for decades and has been redesigned to give you more speed and less toeside edge catches. Variable edge rails make for a smooth freeride feel with consistent pop for learning those wake-to-wake transitions. Also available in a women’s design as the Liquid Force Angel.


A fantastic beginner-intermediate wakeboard shape for this season is the Jobe TXR. The wide profile and full length centre channels lock you in for a stable ride to learn the basics of wakeboarding. Once you’re ready to jump the wake a blended 3 stage rocker line gives explosive, yet predictable pop. This is the ultimate board for beginner wakeboarders looking to progress to the next level of riding! This shape is also available as the Jobe Flow for female riders.


The tried and tested Connelly Pure wakeboard shape is a user friendly design that supports learning to wakeboard and progression to intermediate level riding. The wide-body design of this beginner wakeboard coupled with quad fins tip and tail make getting up and learning to wakeboard a breeze. The mellow 3-stage rocker is the perfect blend of pop and predictability for learning wake jumps and allows confident wakeboarders to take it to the next level (once your ready!). The Pure is available in Men's sizing and is also available in a Women’s design (the Connelly Lotus).

Learning to wakeboard doesn’t have to be hard. It’s incredible what a good beginner board can do for beginner and novice wakeboarders. Choose one of these boards and getting on a wakeboard for the first time will be so much easier. And if you’re not feeling these you can check out our entire range of beginner boards. Keep shredding!  

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