Getting up on a single ski is a huge step for any beginner waterskier. Making that first deep water start is a milestone that any accomplished slalom skier will never forget. Beginner slalom skis have come a long way in recent years and nailing that first ride on a single ski has never been easier. Our top picks of the best entry level wide body waterskis will have you gripping and ripping in no time at all!


A revolutionary design in beginner waterskiing, the Radar Butterknife gives first time slalom skiers confidence to learn and progress. The wide tip and profile make learning deep water starts a breeze behind any boat. An extended flat spot and grip rails on this beginner slalom ski’s edges give first-time skiers balance and stability. You’ll feel at home on the water as soon as you’re up and skiing. One of the best things about the Butterknife shape is that it’s hourglass shape still has the ability to make tight radius turns once you’ve gained confidence and want to progress your skiing. The Butterknife is also available in a women’s specific design (the Women’s Butterknife).


A new addition to the HO range of beginner slalom skis, the Hovercraft is like two skis in one! Ditch the combo skis as deep water starts have never been easier for beginners with this wide body slalom ski. With enormous surface area and tri fin setup the Hovercraft rides like a surfboard and is perfect for low speed open water skiing. Beginner water skiers will feel at home instantly from deep water starts to their first turns across the wakes. The great thing about this entry level slalom ski is that everyone can get something out of it. Experienced skiers will enjoy awesome pop off the wake for a freestyle ski like no other! The Hovercraft is available in both men’s and women’s graphics and sizing.   


The KD Powercarve is a proven wide-body ski design that has been a favourite for learner slalom skiers for many years. Width in the tip and tail give beginner skiers effortless starts and a stable waterskiing experience. The side cut and full concave towards the tail of the Powercarve makes aggressive turns possible once beginner skiers gain confidence and ability. Rolling from edge to edge exceptionally well for a slalom ski of this size, the Powercarve is an entry level ski that allows you to progress at your own pace. 


The Connelly Big Daddy is a legendary name for beginner skiers the world over. Learning to waterski or put on a bit of weight since your last shred? The Big Daddy is for you. With 550 square inches of surface area beginner water skiers will pop out of the water faster and easier than any other wide body slalom ski out there. The Big Daddy is specifically designed for the 100kg+ slalom skier or anyone who’s looking to get up on a slalom ski for the first time. With huge width, tunnel bottom and super forgiving flex pattern this entry level waterski is perfect for cruising around the lake at 28mph. The widest beginner slalom ski on the market is available in one size; BIG!

Make your first slalom skiing experience a good one with one of these wide body slalom skis. These are just our top picks of our huge range of beginner waterskis so if you're not feeling any of these check out the full range here. Happy skiing! 

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