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March 10, 2020 3 min read

Teaching kids to waterski is all about giving them the confidence they need to want to learn. It can be pretty scary for kids to be thrown into the water for the first time with everyone on the boat watching. The best way for kids to learn water skiing is to get the right product to suit their ability and confidence in the water. Here’s what we recommend to get them loving that first ride behind the boat. 


The EZ Ski is one of the easiest ways for kids to progress from tubing to combo skiing. The inflatable design makes it feel like a tube while allowing kids to feel like they’re actually water skiing. Start them off sitting down and encourage them to put they’re feet in the stirrups, stand up and hold the handle at the front. With the EZ Ski, you can go as slow as you like and let kids learn waterskiing at their own rate. If your kids are a little apprehensive about getting onto waterskis for the first time, the EZ Ski will give them the confidence they need. The EZ Ski is available in a standard kid’s size or in a bigger teen size.


Funboards are a revolutionary way to teach kids (and adults) the basics of waterskiing. With a huge amount of surface area they pop out the water quicker than a traditional kneeboard. The handle can be placed in the hook at the front allowing kids to start off lying down like they’re on a tube. Once kids gain confidence to grab the handle out of the hook the ZUP can be ridden in a multitude of different ways. The foam deck is perfect for riding kneeboard style and the stirrups can be used to practice standing up and getting in the correct water skiing position. The great thing about the ZUP board is that everyone can have a go. Experienced skiers can use it like a disc or even try wakesurfing! Check out our full range of funboard here.


Forget teaching kids to waterski with your pair of adult combo skis. Nothing will put kids off more than struggling in the water with a pair of skis that are too big! Junior combo waterskis range from 43”-59" long and will give them the best shot at learning to waterski. They come with a removable combo bar at the front to keep them together while kids learn the basics of getting up and water skiing. The smaller sized 43" combo skis come with a kid’s specific handle that runs through the combo bar so they won’t have to use their limited strength on a deep water start. There’s a handle on both ends so you can control what happens from the boat if they get into trouble. 


Some kids don’t want to learn to water ski, they want to be cool and try a wakeboard! Smaller sized wakeboards makes learning to wakeboard easy for kids. With wide profiles, big centre fins and base channeling, kid's wakeboards offer easy starts and a stable first ride. Forget starting them on a full size adult board, getting a wakeboard that's the right size for kids makes learning so much easier and fun! Click here to see the full range of boy's and girl's specific wakeboards.


No matter what you choose to teach your kids to waterski with, a boom bar will make everything easier. With a boom bar there’s no messing around with ropes and you can be right there next to your kids while they learn to waterski. Barefoot international booms are strong and durable with no moving parts to wear and break. They also have a heap of additional accessories. Check out the handle attachment that suits children's smaller hands or the famous seahorse system that makes learning to waterski even easier. There’s a boom bar available for almost any boat configuration, check out our full range here.

Get them off the tube and make it easy for kids to learn waterskiing this season. They'll gain confidence and be hooked in no time at all! 

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