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March 19, 2020 3 min read

Wakesurfing has taken the world by storm! But what if you don’t have a spare $200k+ to spend on a massive wake boat? Welcome to our guide on the best wakesurfers for small boat wakes. With the surge in wakesurfing’s popularity there is now a board to suit any wake size. Our top picks of big wakesurfers for small boat wakes will get you surfing the endless wave no matter what kind of boat you own. No wake? No worries...

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer

The Hyperlite Landlock is designed to catch any size of wave. It’s made to support beginner wakesurfers and works really well on small boat wakes. With massive surface area, the longboard style generates all the speed you need to stay on the wave. The rails on this surfer are soft and thick to give you stability and forgiving, laid-back turns. The Landlock is the perfect board to start your wakesurfing journey no matter what your wake looks like.

Ronix Longboard Wakesurfer

Another great wakesurf design for small boat wakes is the Ronix Longboard. Like the Landlock, The Ronix Longboard is a stable, mellow riding design that generates plenty of speed for small boat wakes. The difference however is in the construction. The Longboard is made with a machined foam core wrapped in fibreglass without any compression molding. This makes the Longboard far lighter than the Landlock and will sit higher in the water. This wakesurfer sits in the sweet spot easily on any size of wake. And if you’re feeling adventurous, the Ronix longboard is made for a sneaky hand five (or even ten!)

The Hyperlite Time Machine has been teaching novice wakesurfers for many years and is an instant favourite regardless of wave size. The wide body design makes the Time Machine super stable and it holds speed on smaller boat waves like no other. You’ll be throwing the handle and carving it up in no time at all. The great thing about the Time Machine is that it performs on the wave way better than a longboard design. Run it with two fins to make tighter, more aggressive turns or hit a more stable quad fin setup for first time wakesurfers. 

Ronix Powertail Wakesurfer

The Surface Powertail has the speed you need for smaller boat wakes with the performance of a shortboard shredder. This wakesurfer is super thick at the tail to generate lots of speed off any wake size. The lightweight compression molded construction makes the Powertail super durable but lightweight enough to sit high in the water and slip easily into the sweet spot on your wave. It’s a great wakesurfer for beginners and advanced riders alike with the stability of a longboard combined with the bottom turn drive of a short board.


Wakefoils are the new wakesurfers. They use a hydrofoil setup to raise the board up off the water and plane through the water using only the wings of the foil. Wakefoils are so low-drag that they require only a small wave to throw away the handle and ride. They’re perfect for small wakes, big wakes and can even surf the second or third wake from your boat! Get into the latest watersports craze with our awesome selection of wakefoil surfers. Click here to find out more...

Ballast Bags & Pumps
Don’t forget that there’s always a way to boost your small wave into something bigger. Ballast bags (or fat sacs) come in all shapes and sizes to add size to your wakesurf wave. Simply fill them with water and watch your wave grow! Click here to see our massive range of ballast bags.

Wakesurf Wedges & Shapers
Another way to generate a bigger wave with better shape is to try out a surf wedge or shaper. They come in a heap of different sizes to suit almost any inboard ski boat. Attach one to the side of your boat and shape you wake into a curling, driving wave that’s so much easier to wakesurf. Check out our full range of wake shapers and wedges here…

Don’t limit yourself on the water. There is a wakesurfer out there for any boat with any size of wake. These are just a few of our huge range of wakesurfers available that will work on small boat waves. If you’re wake is small just stick to the big sizes. More surface area means more speed on a small wake. Check out our full range of wakesurfers here...and if you need more help our wakesurf buyer’s guide has all the information you need to get started.

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