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August 01, 2019 3 min read

The cold weather has arrived but don't let that stop you from getting out on the water.

Wearing neoprene is one of the best ways to keep yourself warm in the water over the colder months. How does it work? Wetsuits let a small amount of water into the suit and prevent it from moving around. Once this water is warmed up by your body heat, it acts as insulation against the colder water outside the suit.

There’s a lot of neoprene products to choose from so to find the right one think about what you’re doing on the water and how much you feel the cold. Here’s three tips for getting into a new wetsuit this season.


The most popular season extenders are wetsuits. If you’re one of those people who really feel the cold water get a wetsuit because they keep your core the warmest. Springsuits have short sleeves and legs and are easy to get on and off. Steamers are full length in the arms and legs making them much warmer but a little more difficult to put on. There’s many more styles of wetsuit out there. Ripcurl make a series of swimsuit style wetsuits for women and Jetpilot make long sleeve springsuits. Just remember that the more neoprene there is in a wetsuit, the warmer you will be.



Heater Top Wetsuit

Heater tops or wetsuit shirts are wetsuits made just for the top half. We love them for waterskiing and wakeboarding because it’s far less hassle to get in and out of them compared to conventional wetsuits. If you're out on the boat or at cable a full wetsuit can get pretty hot when waiting for your turn where a wetsuit top is easily removed and put back on for the next set. Heater tops are usually long sleeve and sometimes feature a full front zip to make entry and exit even easier. The zip will let water in to the shirt so it's always warmer to go without one.



On a jetski you need a different wetsuit to a wakeboarder or waterskier. A tight fitting wetsuit or heater top keeps you warm if you’re jumping into cold water all the time. But when riding a jetski they tend to get pretty hot in the sun; even on a cold day. A Jetpilot Tour Coat is a loose fitting neoprene jacket that can be worn under or over your life vest. They're one of the best options to deal with cold spray and will stay warm if you do come off and get wet.

Jetski outerwear doesn’t have to be neoprene. The Jetpilot X1 Outerwear Series is made like snow gear so they’re waterproof but breathe a lot better than neoprene. Jetski outerwear is perfect for a winter ride where you don’t want to get in the water at all.

If you’re into freestyle or stand-up jetskiing, we recommend sticking with conventional wetsuit and heater top options. A Jetpilot Venture John & Jacketgives you a sleeveless full length wetsuit with a separate jacket to add extra warmth in winter.

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