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August 01, 2019 2 min read

Last year was massive for Radar Skis and looking at what’s on the shelves for Summer 2019, this season is on track to be another big one. You just can’t go wrong with a Radar at the moment and this season won’t be any different. Here’s the major highlights of what’s coming from Australia’s favourite waterski company this summer.

Radar have always intended to bring the Senate series in line with the current Vapor mold. This season it’s actually happened and the results speak for themselves. The New Radar Vapor graced our waterways last year with huge success so now the Senate series follows in its wake. The 2019 Radar Senate is the same Vapor shape with two tenths of an inch added to the width. This means you get a more balanced skiing experience with the same aggressive turns and responsive feel of the Vapor. CoreFlex has been added to the tip to generate greater angle finishing the turn while the step section has been removed in favour of a more blended option to allow the ski to roll smoothly onto edge. Compared to last season’s Senate...well there is no comparison. We always knew the Senate was a good ski but this version is faster and more balanced than ever before.

2019 Radar Senate Series

For the female skier, Radar has not only given you a new shape but also a brand new construction. The Lyric Graphite gives women a stiffer, high performance slalom ski option and looks fantastic!

2019 Radar Lyric Slalom Ski

There’s always been a bit of a jump between skiing on the Radar Bent Vee slalom ski series compared to the Senate series. If you’re used to the super easy starts and smooth turns of the Butter Knife and Katana it can be a bit of a step up to get straight on the much more aggressive Senate shape. This season Radar have addressed the issue and given us the Union in both Men’sand Women’s for 2019. If you struggle to get out the water on a deep water start but like to ski fast and aggressive once you’re up, the Radar Union is the ski for you. First timer’s through the slalom course are going to love this ski too with the extra width providing a smoother, more predictable turn.

2019 Radar Union Slalom Ski


The 2019 Radar Prime Boot is set to become the easiest slalom ski binding to put on your foot this season. Radar have completely removed the lace up section over the toes of this open toe boot and replaced it with a stretchy neoprene section. With a low cuff, you’ll be able to slip your foot in and out with minimal effort. So for anyone who doesn’t have a duck board at the back of the boat, the new Radar Prime is going to make life a lot easier for waterskiers gearing up in the water.

2019 Radar Prime Slalom Ski Boot

Hope this gets your mouth watering for everything 2019 Radar! Remember we have the entire 2019 Radar range available for you to try through our Demo Program. If you want to know anything else get in touch with our team.

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