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July 04, 2018 3 min read

There's so many treats in store for you this season from everyone's favourite wakeboard company.

Each year we get to take a little trip down to Melbourne and see all the new Ronix gear for the season. It’s always a mouthwatering experience of new shapes, fresh features and awesome graphics and we're stoked to finally be able to share this with you!

Ronix Xperimental Technology (RXT) is leading the industry in materials and features. This year won’t disappoint as Ronix unveiled the brand new RXT board shape made from top secret materials. They won’t tell us what’s in it but promised “the best blend of response, feel, weight and ultra soft landings ever developed”. From what we can tell so far it’s a Massi Pifferati pro model, has a continuous rocker and will be super lightweight. Also it looks like the RXT wakeboard will not be available online so you will have to come visit us in store to get your hands on it.

Check it out here.

 Ronix RXT Wakeboard 2019

Last year saw a fresh Dean Smith pro model board, the Darkside, and it’s huge success has led Ronix to develop the Weekend as a more affordable option of this popular shape. So the shape design is essentially the same as the Darkside but rather than the hybrid timber core, the Weekend has a foam core. This will give you a traditional pop off the wake and the mellow edge rail makes the Weekend more stable than the Darkside. If you’re looking to step up from a beginner board this year, you won’t be disappointed by the newest addition to the Ronix wakeboard range...and ladies, don’t stress! This shape will be available as the Signature with a few added features for women.

Check it out here.

Ronix Weekend Wakeboard (2019)

Ronix have changed their entire wakeboard boot range for 2019. Basically, the Brainframe system has been utilised in the construction of every boot in the range. For those that don’t know, Brainframe was added to the Premium Ronix boot range a few seasons ago to give you a better connection to the board and way more support for your feet. It uses a metal skeleton running through the last of the boot so when you tighten the laces, it feels like securing your foot to the baseplate.
So high end Ronix wakeboard boots will keep Brainframe while entry-level closed and open toe boots now feature Mainframe Technology. It’s basically a low cuff version of the Brainframe allowing for more flex in the ankle. This maintains the forgiving feel of open toe boots for beginners and gives advanced riders a softer option for grabbing with style.

Ronix Supreme Wakeboard Boots (2019)

While not a new innovation, the new Ronix SuperStrap definitely shows us how it's done properly. A stiff strap over your foot with the stretch at the end makes sure you get a snug fit everytime with super easy attachment. The Ronix Supreme Boots look incredible and are gonna make everyone's life at the cable park so much easier!

Hope you enjoyed the taste of things to come for Ronix in 2019. If you want to try a new board remember our demo programwhich allows you try before you buy. As always, if you want to know anything else about get in touch with our team

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