Fin Whispering - 1st Edition

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Demystifying the Black Art of Water Ski Tuning...

Fin Whispering - 1st Edition

Do you sometimes wonder if your bindings, fin, and wing are mounted exactly where they should be? Are you sure that your ski is working the best it can given your unique personal skiing style? What if you could learn enough about ski behavior that ski-tuning made sense, and you could toss out all those contradictory ski adjustment charts you’ve collected over the years?

Fin Whispering—Demystifying the Black Art of Water Ski Tuning is a complete ski-tuning instruction manual. With detailed descriptions and over 130 color illustrations, it clearly presents how and why your ski does what it does and how to customize its behavior.

“Part I: Essential Ski-Tuning” describes the tools and techniques needed to put an accurate factory-recommended setup on any adjustable ski.

“Part II: Advanced Ski-Tuning” moves beyond setup fundamentals with detailed information explaining why skis behave the way they do, and how to custom-tune these behaviors to match the expectations of even the most advanced skier.

“Part III: Practical Applications for Ski-Tuning” explores some real-world uses for your newfound ski-tuning skills. Topics include demoing, testing, tuning for temperature changes, and even how custom setups can be used to support technique improvements.

Water skis do not come setup and ready to ride—not from the factory, not from most ski shops, and almost never from previous owners. And if the fin is out by more than the width of a human hair, it makes a difference. Most ski setups are out by 10 times to over 100 times that! With a few simple tools and the information in this book, you can change your ski from a wrestling opponent into a dance partner.


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Fin Whispering - 1st Edition

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