Follow Pro Towelie (2023)

$80.00 AUD


If you haven't tried a hoodie towel before now is the time. Get warm straight out of the water and change on the boat after your session without flashing anyone..

Follow Pro Hooded Towel

The Pro Towlie is a must have for the travelling rider, driver, and drunk friend in the back of the boat. Fully sublimated, the versatility of a poncho cuts back on the chance you’ll flash strangers in the car park while changing, and doubles as a supremely comfy warm throw after a long ride.


  • Embroidered Logo
  • Radical Carry-Bag
  • Poncho Style Made with 200gsm Plush Microfibre
  • S (79cm x 98cm), L (99cm x 118cm)

    Size Chart

    S (79cm x 98cm), L (99cm x 118cm)


      Follow Pro Towelie (2023)

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