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Radar Fifty50 Surfer


A water toy like no other, the Fifty50 is the ultimate utility ride......

Radar Fifty50 Surfer

A water toy like no other, the Fifty50 is the ultimate utility ride. It can be utilized behind the boat to surf or you can let the rope out and carve around, jump the wake or ride it on your knees. When you’re done with the boat for the day you can use it the shallows for goofing off and catching rollers or take it to the pool and see who can skim the furthest. Stand sideways and rip this summer on the Fifty50.

Fun on the water doesn’t always mean one foot in front of the other. Take a stroll on the other side of the tracks and try out the Thirty30 collection. Designed for goofing off and enjoying days on the lake Radar give to you the Three60 and the Fifty50. The Three60 isn’t the disc your parents used to ride, it’s soft topped, foam cored and plastic bottomed to give you more speed and a better ride! The Fifty50 is a surfboard shaped rip stick, whether your shredding behind the boat, in the pool or on the waves you’ll be smiling ear to ear



  • Textured EVA Soft Top for comfort
  • Wood Stringer for Support
  • Tri Fin Setup for Balance



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